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Be shepherds of God’s flock that is under your care, watching over them-not because you must, but because you are willing, as God wants you to be; not pursuing dishonest gain, but eager to serve;
1 Peter 5:2

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Men’s Roundtable

Every Monday Evening | 8.00 PM

Open to the Public & KMCM Members

A weekly chat session for modern Christian men. The gathering takes place both face-to-face and virtually. Some of the topics discussed and decoded include :

• How can I recognize grace in my life?

• What happens when I can't afford to tithe?


And many other topics that are relevant, relatable and often not discussed but skimmed over in the church or our everyday life.


At the Men's Rountable, no topic is off-limits but everyone is encouraged to put forth their point of view. This is to grow Christian men to spiritual maturity and empower them to become men of faith.

men's roundtable
Womens Well.png

Women's Well

Women’s Well gives the busy, multitasking women options of in-person and virtual gatherings. A flourishing ministry that consists of several offshoot activities as follows :

Coffee Talk

Every First Saturday of the Month | 10.00 AM

Open to the Public & KMCM


Just as coffee is grounded, brewed and filtered drop by drop, the conversations at the Coffee talk is anything but dull. It is perky, full of life and uplifts the spirit. Over coffee, or tea if that is your preference, women gather to have candid conversations about real-life struggles, victories and how to apply Scriptures to our everyday lives.

Coffee Talk takes place each first Saturday of the month at 10:00 am. It is both in-person and virtual. This gathering is a discussion on topics which are pivotal to women. It is a supportive atmosphere as well as engaging. All are welcome. You don’t have to be a member of KMCM to attend.

Propel Women

Monthly In Person Gathering

Open to the Public & KMCM Members


Hosted by First United Methodist Christ Lawrenceville, this gathering is conducted in person only. We consider it as our “Girls Night Out” to worship, dive deeper into God’s word and to be surrounded by friends. Activating every woman’s passion, purpose and potential, The Propel Women is for every woman who desires to make an impact in her world for the Kingdom of God. She believes she is to be sent into the harvest field, using her unique passions and talents to influence her world for the Gospel. She is compelled by a deep, inner conviction that she is meant for something more. Something greater than herself. Something challenging, yet fulfilling.

Humbly Awesome

Quarterly Virtual Meeting

Open to the Public & KMCM Members


A virtual meeting of Christian women who are at the top of their industries. The purpose of this group is to offer and gain support, as well as to share resources. If you need motivation this is the group for you. It is a platform for women from different ages, cultures and professions to come together to share success stories and resources. Where every women is celebrated for her unique strengths, capabilities and the beauty of being who God has created her to be.

women's well

Lil Rockstars


Open to the Public & KMCM Members


Children are never too young to learn about the Gospel. Like children, we don't stay still either, we take the Children's Ministry to the local Extend A Stay hotels and our local public schools, where we share the good news with the children as well as their families.


Toy’s for Tots

An initiative where brand new toys donated to KMCM will be given as Christmas Presents to children who are in need during the Season of Joy.

lil rockstars
ripples of love

Ripples of Love

Bridge Builders is a group of people bound to each other through our love of Christ. We are committed to having hard conversations about race and racial relations unapologetically. We believe that we can be Bridge Builders and show the world that change is possible, one friendship at a time. We believe racism is disrupted by relationship. We believe Christ calls us to be a part of that disruption. We believe in each other, and we believe in love.


This page serves as a way to stay connected with each other, to inspire and encourage, and to continue conversations and growing friendships.

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