Desire Thy Portion

Giving back to those in need is close to Godliness. The purpose of this ministry is to feed the homeless and provide clothing that are donated. If you have any item that you can part with, we periodically accept donations to give to those who may need and appreciate the gift.

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The Haven Learning Center

We specialize in individual learning styles and a one on one or small group instruction. This method provides for the very best opportunity for student achievement. You can find out more on our website:

Propel Women

A gathering of like- minded women in the Lord Jesus Christ who encourage each other in the walk with the Lord.  We are just a small portion of the Lawrenceville Propel Women chapter hosted by Lawrenceville Baptist Church. This ministry is founded and orchestrated by Christin Caine.


Kingdom Men

A gathering of men, who walk by the word of the Lord.  This group discusses the word of God and topics which are pivotal to men.  These sessions are organized for men by men which creates a great space for transparency and spiritual growth.

Coffee Talk

A social setting for women to discuss the application of the word of God.  Learning how to apply the word of God is the focus of each conversation. We are women who support each other, pray for one another and establish long term friendships.